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Nicosia offers free parking for electric vehicles

Nicosia offers free parking for electric vehicles

This new offer will come into effect as early as 1 January 2021

In an effort to promote the use of electric vehicles in the city, the Cypriot capital of Nicosia is going to be making their parking free of charge as early as 1 January 2021. The change has been in the works for quite some time and is completely in line with the local government’s objectives and powers, allowing it to take a wide range of approaches to charging, and thus promoting, the use of different kinds of vehicles across the urban area.

Convincing through motivation

According to Cypriot law, it is entirely up to the country’s municipalities to determine how and in what manner parking fees will be collected on their respective premises. Thus, in accordance with their own objectives, local authorities in the capital have paved the way for electric vehicles and their drivers to be exempt from paying the tolls.

The decision will come into force as early as 1 January 2021 when the municipality will begin issuing free parking tickets to the drivers of electric vehicles wishing to make use of the city’s parking lots.

For the issuance of the relevant card, the interested parties must present the registration certificate of the electric vehicle or of the motor vehicle, which will be placed in a visible position on the upper part of the vehicle windshield. Sending can also be done via fax or mail.

Through this new initiative, the local government of the Cypriot capital will be helping its citizens embrace the future of mobility while making it cheaper and more convenient. Such types of action will certainly lead to at least a portion of the population who were previously on the fence on the subject of electric vehicles to fully commit to going eco-friendly.



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