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Nicosia ramps up treeplanting efforts

Nicosia ramps up treeplanting efforts

Hundreds of trees have been planted in the Cypriot capital over the last few weeks with more on the way

Nicosia is becoming greener, more beautiful and is offering citizens comfortable and pleasant movement in the urban center, on main boulevards and in the neighborhoods. Only in Stasikratous, Mnasiadou, Zinas Kanther and Theofani Theodotou streets, 270 trees have already been planted.

While, the heart of the Cypriot capital will soon be enriched with more greenery following the completion of Makarios Avenue, when another 300 mature trees are expected to be planted.

Going green for citizens

The treeplanting efforts of the last few weeks are the culmination of years of work by the municipality which successfully managed to convince its partners to include greening initiatives in their projects. According to these agreements with various government and private services the roots of the newly planted trees are guided in a special way to a greater depth in order to avoid damage to public service infrastructure. utilities as well as sidewalks.

As of last week, 90 new mature trees will enhance the tree line of the busy boulevard of Kyriakou Matsi Avenue, while the greenery will be further enhanced by shrubs and climbing plants that will be placed on the flowers beds that have been created.

Tree planting has also begun on Kallipoleos Avenue, where 230 mature trees are planned to be planted, which will enhance the aesthetic image of the area while offering shade for pedestrians.

In total, from 2015 until the completion of all the projects that are being implemented today, around 5000 new mature trees will be planted in the city, within the policy of the Municipality of Nicosia to address the effects of climate change and the enrichment of the capital's greenery.




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