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Nicosia unveils city centre underground carpark

Nicosia unveils city centre underground carpark

The new carpark will provide vital traffic relief to the Cypriot capital

The municipality of Nicosia has announced that the finishing touches and the final checks are being carried out on the city’s newest underground car park. The Omiros Avenue underground parking lot has been a key project for solving some of the city’s mobility problems and has been under construction since 2018.

Providing ample traffic relief

Located at the very heart of the capital of Nicosia, directly underneath the city centre, the Omiros Avenue underground car park has been in the works since 2018. Its development is part of an overarching project that aims to upgrade the entirety of Eleftheria Square and its surrounding streets, which was kickstarted in 2011 and is expected to wrap up by 2023.

The new underground car park is a key piece of infrastructure that offers solutions that have been eagerly anticipated by Nicosia’s inhabitants. Once the final checks have been cleared, its grounds will be able to house some 147 vehicles, with 8 spots being specifically reserved for the those driven by persons with disabilities.

The unveiling of the grounds will allow citizens to shuffle their vehicles around and free up space in and around the city’s centre – thus creating superior mobility conditions and aiding in the completion of the overarching goals of the initiative. The municipality expects for these effects to be especially well-pronounced during busy weekends and on Fridays and Saturdays when more people venture into the city centre.

The Eleftheria Square redevelopment project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Programme 2014-2020, as well as the Cypriot state budget and, of course, the municipality of Nicosia.



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