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Nitra acts on need for expanded childcare

Nitra acts on need for expanded childcare

With the opening of a new kindergarten in the city, officials believe that they are responding adequately to the needs and expectations of citizens and families

Over the last few years, authorities in Nitra have been placing a special emphasis on providing new additional facilities for childcare across the city in order to support its growth and to promote it as a viable location to move into. The latest addition to the local arsenal are two new kindergartens that will be ready to admit their first students over the course of September.

Answering expectations and supporting growth

The two new nurseries that have been constructed over the last few months in the Slovak city of Nitra will prove essential to supporting its growing population. Furthermore, the creation of additional spaces for students will answer the expectations of many citizens who have found it increasingly hard to enroll their children in such facilities due to their limited capacity.

One of the new kindergartens, the Na Hôrke Kindergarten, was unveiled earlier in August and had been under construction since November 2019. By itself, it provides room for a total of 45 children, divided into two classes.

The other facility, the Dobšinský Kindergarten is located on the premises of the former Zobor barracks and will be able to host 6 classes of 24 students each, thus essentially providing hundreds of families the opportunity to have their children taken care of.

"The city is growing, there are more inhabitants in housing estates. In order for people to want to live in our city, it is really very important to have a good infrastructure, and this includes kindergartens with sufficient capacity. Today, many young families live in Dieloch, for whom the new nursery will make normal functioning easier," stated Mayor Marek Hattas, who has made combating migration away from Nitra one of his priorities.



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