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Nitra creates five cycle shelters

Nitra creates five cycle shelters

The bicycle garages in Slovakia’s oldest town can be used for a song and unlocked via an app

Founded in 870 AD, Nitra is Slovakia’s oldest town. It is here that Prince Pribina, the first documented ruler of Slovaks’ Slavonic predecessors, established the Principality of Nitra at the turn of the 8th and 9th centuries, erecting, in 828, the first Christian church in Slovak lands.

Rich past, vibrant present

The rich historical heritage has led to Nitra being declared a Town Monument Reserve. The 11th century Castle of Nitra (current seat of the Bishopric of Nitra) which houses the Cathedral of St Emeram (three churches from different ages joined into one) is the town’s dominant landmark.

But not only tourists are drawn to Nitra to explore the traces of the country’s past. Nowadays, the town is an important economic hub of Western Slovakia and seat of the Constantine the Philosopher University and the Slovak University of Agriculture.

Perfect for bikes

This, coupled with Nitra’s recreation-enticing landscape featuring a river and a mountain, accounts for the popularity of bicycles there. To ensure the safe storage of these eco-friendly vehicles, the municipal government has created five bicycle shelters in frequented places across the city.

Two cycle garages have been installed in Chrenová - in the park near the Winter Stadium and close to the Athletic Stadium. A third one at the bus station will mainly serve residents who travel to the surrounding towns by bus or train and want to safely put their bike away until they return. The shelters on Dražovská Street and Jesenskeho Street, on their part, will serve mainly students from the surrounding dormitories.

Cyclosafe app

Unlocking the bikes can be done via the Cyklosafe web application. After clicking on the shelter of choice and entering the log-in details, the user will receive a unique code that is active for 40 seconds. After entering the code, the cycle lock will be released. 

All shelters are protected by a camera surveillance system. The fee for using all five shelters is EUR 1 for 7 days or EUR 15 for 365 days.



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