This Deutschlandticket price will stay until the end of 2024, Source: Depositphotos

No price hike for Deutschlandticket till the end of the year

No price hike for Deutschlandticket till the end of the year

So, we can continue calling it the 49-euro pass as well – it has a ring to it

Germany’s 16 regional transport ministers got together to discuss how to go forward on financing the pioneering and very popular Deutschlandticket monthly pass, which grants access to all local and regional public transport for 49 euros. There has been much speculation and worry in the air that the subsidized fare will succumb to inflation pressures or that it will disappear altogether. However, the good news is that it is here to stay, and its price will also stay…at least until the end of the year.

The ministers’ summit decided that unspent funds for 2023 will be used to offset the financial deficit that the Deutschlandticket scheme is expected to incur in 2024. This money will top up the 3-billion-euro funding packet already put forward by state and federal governments.

What about the Deutschlandticket in the long term?

The 49-euro pass was first launched in May 2023, so it still has time to go before it completes its first anniversary. And even during that short lifetime it has faced jubilation but also doubts and constant questioning about its long-term viability.

It was so revolutionary and groundbreaking that even other countries have considered implementing similar schemes. Boosting the popularity of public transport and making it easily accessible to large parts of the public is seen as a cornerstone in making a sustainable transition in travel habits a reality going forward.

However, as with so many things in life, it all boils down to being a funding issue, too. That’s why the transport ministers hope that the announcement about the price freeze will encourage more people to opt for the ticket, which in turn would make it easier to finance.

It is still unknown what kind of price rise passengers can expect in 2025 though. Environmental organisations such as BUND have already pointed out that continued uncertainty is likely to have an undesired effect on sales, according to



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