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Novel electric vehicles appear on the streets of Berlin

Novel electric vehicles appear on the streets of Berlin

Until 8 June, citizens can drive the E-Pods free of charge for 1 hour per day

On Tuesday 25 May, the streets of Berlin welcomed the electric vehicles of the Swiss micromobility service Enuu. According to its website, Enuu’s E-Pods allow people more freedom as they can easily, comfortably, and affordably travel within the city.

Characteristics of the E-Pods

The electric vehicles look like small cars as they have four wheels and full bodywork. Thanks to this bodywork, drivers can use the E-Pods regardless of rainy weather. Moreover, they have space for storing and transporting luggage. It must be noted that Enuu’s vehicles have a maximum speed of 28 kmph and a range of up to 40 kilometres. For this reason, they can be driven on bicycle lanes.

As the electric vehicles are newly released, Berlin’s citizens will be able to take them for free test drives. More specifically, Enuu announced that each driver will be allowed to use an E-Pod free of charge for 1 hour a day until 8 June. In this way, the Swiss micromobility service hopes to motivate people to try the electric vehicles.

How can you use them?

Before using the vehicles, one must first download the Enuu application via Google Play or the App Store. Although individuals will be able to use the E-Pods free of charge for one hour, they will still be required to fill in their bank details. After 1 hour of use, the E-Pods will begin to charge the driver.

Taking this further, 15 minutes over the 1 free hour will cost 2.79 Euro. Two or four hours of use will cost 10 and 16 Euro, respectively. If one wishes to book the electric vehicle for the full day, they can do so for the price of 50 Euro.

Enuu has set itself an ambitious goal, noting that it seeks to become the most used micromobility service in the world by 2030.



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