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Odense has unveiled its municipal plan for the next 12 years

Odense has unveiled its municipal plan for the next 12 years

Residents want Odense to transform into a modern, green city

The Danish city of Odense has announced the adoption its new municipal plan. In the summer of 2020, Odense consulted its residents to ask for their proposals and find out what they want the future of the city to look like. After doing extensive research, the municipality has developed a framework for the next 12 years.

The City and Culture Councillor Christoffer Lilleholt commented on the large number of responses and the cooperation of the residents as he said: “It is really good that we have received so many comments on the municipal plan. It shows that the people of Odense are interested in the future of the city and want to be part of the democratic process. I am very pleased that we have succeeded so well with that part - even under Corona.”

What are the main goals of the city?

Residents stressed that the city must be modern, green, and full of opportunities for new experiences. According to a press release on the municipality’s website, these ideas were already on the city’s agenda for the future. However, in addition to these proposals, residents also requested the construction of new, more attractive housing and leisure facilities.

Odense’s Municipal Plan 2020-2032 has taken these requests into account as it aims to help Odense create new residential areas in various parts of the city – both in the centre and the suburbs. Moreover, the plan will help the city generate new jobs as Odense is planning to introduce business areas for all types of companies.

It is important to note that at the heart of the 12-year plan lies the importance of high quality. For this reason, the plan is connected with Odense Municipality’s Architecture Strategy to ensure that all developments fulfil the requirements for high architectural quality.

In addition to the above, residents also highlighted the need for more nature. Taking this idea further, the municipality received numerous proposals relating to the creation of forests, parks, and better recreational opportunities.

“I’m really happy about that because the green city is very close to my heart,” Lilleholt shared.

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