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Odense’s youth organises festival to address the climate crisis

Odense’s youth organises festival to address the climate crisis

“Festival for the Future” aims to show young people that they can make a difference

On 23 August, the Danish City of Odense announced that students are currently getting ready to host “Festival for the Future”. The event will take place on 26 and 27 August at Østre Plads, with Minister of Climate, Energy and Supply Dan Jørgensen officially inaugurating the festival on Thursday morning.

As its name suggests, the student-led event seeks to explore the themes of sustainability, recycling, and the UN’s world goals. This will not be the first edition of the festival as it first took place in 2019 when around 1,500 students participated. In 2020, the event was cancelled due to the outbreak of the pandemic and this year, a big turnout is expected.

Targeting the future leaders

According to a press release by the City of Odense, the festival is run by young people and for young people. Speaking to the municipality, several students from the organisation committee commented on the significance of the two-day event:

“We think it is really important that it is a festival by young people and for young people, and that young people do something for sustainability because that is our future. Then, we just hope that there are some people with authority who can also take action so that we do not talk about the same challenges year after year.”

The festival will target all young people from the 5th grade and upwards. While some may think that pupils are not concerned with the climate crisis, a 2019 survey showed that climate is among the top 3 concerns of 6th graders in Denmark.

Everyone can make a difference

The primary aim of the event is to show children and young people that it is not difficult to make sustainable choices. What is more, it seeks to shed light on the fact that everyone, no matter their age, can contribute to the realisation of the world goals.

To convey these messages, the festival will offer talks and workshops on various topics including sustainable food, sustainable cities, waste sorting, and recycling, among others. Of course, the festival will also have music, bands, and lounge areas where young people can sit back and enjoy themselves.  



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