Climate Action Plan 2022 , Source: City of Odense

Odense unveils its Climate Action Plan 2022

Odense unveils its Climate Action Plan 2022

It targets seven key areas and is based on the municipality’s ambitious goal of realising climate neutrality by 2030

It is a well-known fact that cities have a major impact on the climate. That is to say, urban areas produce the most pollution and use the most energy. For this reason, municipalities must take action to become more sustainable and reduce their emissions. In turn, many cities today outline climate action plans which detail a strategic framework for measuring and reducing emissions.

Taking a case in point, the Danish Municipality of Odense reported that its City Council has now agreed on its Climate Action Plan 2022. According to a press release, this plan is reportedly based on the municipality’s ultimate and ambitious goal of making Odense climate neutral by 2030.

Targeting 7 key areas

On 13 September, the City Council agreed to set aside DKK 50 million (over EUR 6.7 million) to initiate its Climate Action Plan in 2022. Among other things, the framework outlines the reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 490,000 tonnes.

More specifically, the parties have agreed that the Climate Action Plan 2022 will launch several initiatives and set reduction targets for 7 key areas:

  1. Climate-friendly energy
  2. Circular thinking
  3. Sustainable mobility
  4. Climate-friendly behaviour
  5. A greener Odense
  6. Partnerships
  7. Odense Municipality as a company

The Climate Action Plan 2022 will be dynamic and continuously developed, reported Odense Municipality. In other words, it will be updated and modified until the municipality reaches its goal of realising climate neutrality by 2030.

7 out of 8 parties are part of this climate agreement and, according to the Danish City, they all understand that the implementation of this plan will result in significant economic benefits. The Climate Action Plan 2022 has now been included in the municipality’s forthcoming budget settlement.  



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