The Olympic Village will supply baguettes and cheeses daily, Source: Depositphotos

Olympic athletes in Paris will be served food with a French touch

Olympic athletes in Paris will be served food with a French touch

Yes, you guessed it right, that also includes baguettes and cheeses

15,000 athletes from 200 countries are expected to arrive in Paris this summer for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Good nutrition will be an important part of their success apart from good sleep, proper training and mental balance. And given that the host country is France, renowned for its gastronomy, it would be strange if the catering services hadn’t been paid special attention.

The organizers picked Sodexo Live! as the company, which will provide catering at the athletes’ village as well as 14 other sports venues during the Games. They are expected to serve some 40,000 meals a day to the athletes. A daunting task on its own, yet one which the caterers have promised to imbue with a “very French touch”, according to Nathalie Bellon-Szabo, global CEO of Sodexo Live!.

Olympic Athletes’ Village – world’s largest restaurant

The eatery at the athlete’s village will temporarily become what the organizers are claiming will be the world’s largest restaurant. It will seat 3,500 athletes at a time. Sodexo Live! have created a menu of 500 recipes to offer at the eating establishment.

In addition, there will be “grab and go” stands in other venues where food will be cooked by French chefs whose goal will be to popularize the charm and flair of the local gastronomy.

Every day, during the Games, a top chef — including some awarded with Michelin stars — will cook in front of the athletes at the Olympic Village, “so they’ll be able to chat and better understand what French cuisine is about — and to understand a bit of our culture as well,” explained chef Amandine Chaignot, quoted by France24.

The athletes’ village will have its own boulangeries producing fresh baguettes daily, and top-quality cheeses will be in ample supply, too.

Paris 2024 organizers have promised to make the Games more sustainable and environment-friendly — and that includes efforts to reduce the use of plastic. To this effect, the main restaurant at the Village will use only reusable dishes. 80% of the products used in the cooking will be French-sourced.



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