You are not alone Leuven, Source: City of Leuven

One-on-one concerts help Leuven residents fight loneliness

One-on-one concerts help Leuven residents fight loneliness

While simultaneously allowing the cultural sector some breathing room

“You are not alone” – this is the main message of a new social campaign in Leuven, which aims to support residents and give them a small consolation in the difficult times of the pandemic. To cheer up those citizens, who experience difficulties, the Belgian city will be joining forces with local artists to offer a number of one-on-one musical performances.

Do you know someone who would really enjoy live music right now?

The mood is noticeably grimmer this December in Leuven, much like everywhere else in Europe – this is one of the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic, on top of the health and economic crises.

After weeks spent in isolation, some members of society are still bound to stay at home, due to high risks for their health. On the other hand, there are also people who have done their utmost to support us all in these difficult times and deserve a reward.

For all of them, Leuven has a surprise: a short, but very intimate performance and a chat with musical artist, just in time for the holiday season and enough to lift their spirits up. At the same time, this is a rare opportunity for local artists to return to work in a time, which has taken its toll on the cultural sector.

We will not leave anyone behind in Leuven. We are separate for a while, but always together”, said Mayor of Leuven Mohamed Ridouani quoted on the city website.

From Het Depot, these artists do not perform for a large audience for one time, but play intimate and personal concerts, especially for a Leuven resident,” also commented alderman responsible for culture Denise Vandevoort. “No bells and whistles or impressive light shows, but culture in its purest form. With perhaps the greatest result.

Performances with a duration of 20 minutes each will be taking place in Het Depot concert hall until 15 of January and will be delivered online to the selected citizens. So, if you know someone who would really enjoy some live music, make sure to recommend them now.



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