One of the new signs indicating the nighttime traffic restriction in Praha 1, Source: City of Prague

One step at a time: Prague bans night traffic in Old Town

One step at a time: Prague bans night traffic in Old Town

The district known as Praha 1 can now sleep more peacefully

As of Thursday, last week, Prague’s Old Town is (almost) free of road traffic at night. The restriction was put in place with the aim of promoting safety and quiet times for the area’s residents. The ban, effective from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, intends to prohibit entry and passage into the area bounded by Dvořák Embankment, Pařížská, and Revoluční.

The night-time entry ban applies - according to traffic signs - to all motor vehicles except traffic service vehicles (this includes residents, taxis and others according to the law).  

Control of compliance with the ban is the responsibility of the police. Violation of the entry ban is associated with sanctions according to the law: a fine of up to CZK 2,000 (about 82 euros).

Rapid anti-noise measure

The impetus for implementing the noise pollution reduction step was taken by the Praha 1 District municipality with the aim of showing that it listens to the residents’ complaints about the night traffic disturbances.

The idea was first discussed in June and only three months later, on 20 September, a general measure was issued to announce that the ban would be implemented. In fact, it happened so fast that the city council said it still has to review it. Terezie Radoměřská, district mayor of Praha 1, stated last week that she hoped the matter would not be delayed long by the city government as nighttime silence was of paramount importance to the residents.

The district was a common scene for illegal night races between sports cars, which is what prompted the complaints and response. The district plans to evaluate the effectiveness of the measure one year later.

Separate from this, the city council has been mulling the idea of restricting day-time traffic as well for reasons like decreasing congestion and improving air quality.  Consideration is being given to charging for entry, a restriction that would only affect certain areas of the Old Town.



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