Pamplona begins work on its energy transition strategy

Pamplona begins work on its energy transition strategy

The document will be ready in the first quarter of 2021

The authorities in Pamplona have informed that after choosing a winning consultancy to develop its Strategy for Energy Transition and Climate Change 2030, the plan itself will be ready at the beginning of next year. This was announced earlier week with the expectation that the Navarrese capital can now join the global drive towards making all areas of urban life more sustainable.

This strategy is part of the larger “Go Green Pamplona” project

Currently, the city of Pamplona lacks a coherent strategy towards reducing the impact of climate change. Nowadays, this is considered essential for large cities if they are serious about showing a firm commitment to the global effort of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and raising the living standard of their residents and the future generations.

That is why, the local city council chose to award the development of the important strategic plan to Lavola, a multi-disciplinary agency specialized in offering sustainable solutions. Their bid was 10% under the budget price of 45 099.12 euros.

In the following four months, Lavola will design the strategy and the process itself will be divided into 4 stages:

  • The first stage will see the creation of coordinating mechanisms and a special overseeing commission that will establish the relevant communication channels,
  • The diagnostic stage will then follow, which will identify weak and vulnerable points in the city energy consumption that could benefit from special projects towards making them self-sufficient and/or more sustainable,
  • The third step will be defining the goals of the Strategy, in line with European, national and regional legislation. Six strategic axes have already been defined by the authorities, namely energy efficiency, energy transitions, mobility, waste management, water cycle and natural environment.
  • The fourth stage sets the framework of the action plan. Here all the issues that had been identified will have proposed solutions, stakeholders, budgets, as well as an estimate of the material and human resources needed.

The development of the Strategy will itself be a collaborative and consultative project whose elaboration will seek the involvement of various groups of stakeholders, such as municipal departments and various socio-economic agents.



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