A flower shop in Pamplona participating in the campaign, Source: Ayuntamiento de Pamplona

Pamplona stores spill out onto the streets once a month

Pamplona stores spill out onto the streets once a month

This is a new initiative that started in May to revive retail businesses

Today, 10 September, the fourth edition of a new initiative in Pamplona will see local shops display part of their merchandise on the street pavement outside of their doors. The campaign called ‘Pamplona’s trade goes out to the streets’ began thanks to an effort by the local government to revive the retail sector in the capital of the Navarre region.

It began with the subsiding of the COVID wave in May and the need to encourage communal life to take back the streets.  Pamplona City Hall grants permits to businesses so that, two days a month, they can exhibit in the public thoroughfare the merchandise that they sell inside, as a way of attracting attention and making their offerings more visible. The campaign is organized in collaboration with merchant associations and will run until next month.

Visibility is just as important as location when it comes to small business

By placing part of their stock near the entrance door, the stores can ensure better adherence to safe shopping by minimizing the concentrations of customers in the interior and supporting more lively streets throughout the city. The campaign reportedly rolls out and reaches all neighbourhoods. However, in general, there is a greater presence of establishments in those areas that have a merchant association.

Participating businesses must have pre-registered for the campaign within the term set by the City Council and must comply with the safety instructions set forth by the corresponding municipal services.

Here are the rules: the minimum width of free passage for pedestrians on the sidewalk must be 2 meters; tents, speakers or loudspeakers will not be allowed on the sidewalks; light furniture such as coat racks, tables and small displays will have to be removed when the business day is over. In addition, fresh food products that require refrigeration may not be displayed or sold on the street.



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