Paphos’s social agenda

Paphos’s social agenda

The municipality has a wide range of social projects currently underway

The Cypriot city of Paphos takes its social obligations to its citizens incredibly seriously. Local officials believe that providing adequate social services to the municipality’s residents is of paramount importance and should be a goal worth striving towards.

Precisely because of that belief, the local government of Paphos has an ambitious social agenda that aims to help citizens in their daily lives in different manners. A testament to their dedication is the soon-to-be-completed state-of-the-art social welfare centre located in the area of Ayios Pavlos.

The centre – an example of seriousness and dedication

The new Paphos social welfare centre is a massive construction project, priced at around 3.8 million euros. Upon completion, the venue will be able to offer a wide range of social and cultural activities and also provide childcare services for parents who must go to work yet have no one to take care of their kids.

The centre will be comprised of three floors with the first two stories dedicated entirely to children and their care. The centre will be a suitable location for parents to drop off their kids so long as they are over four months old and up to pre-school age.

The childcare service includes the opportunity for children to remain there throughout the afternoon, eat lunch and work on their homework in a safe environment, while their parents are at work. The goal of the centre is to be affordable, as it will most likely be used mainly by single working mothers and young families with no disposable income.

The third floor will be used as a daycare centre for Paphos’s elderly population. There, senior citizens of the Cypriot city will find plenty of scheduled activities – including dancing, various crafts, painting and singing as well as affordable lunch.

Authorities believe that work on the new facility should be complete before the start of the next school year – on 10 September 2020.



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