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Parenting classes are once again on offer in Jelgava

Parenting classes are once again on offer in Jelgava

The Wise Parents School offers free seminars starting 29 October

The municipal website of Jelgava informed local parents today that free seminars from the autumn cycle of The School of Wise Parents initiative will resume next week on 29 October at 6 p.m. at the Zemgale Region Competence Development Centre (ZRKAC). Despite the free admission, those who wish to attend the seminars in the Latvian city are required to register in advance.

Becoming a good parent is a skill that can be taught and learned

This semester will place the focus on teenagers and their challenges, such as emotional issues, eating and behavioural disorders and their abilities to resolve problems. The first seminar on Thursday, 29 October, is called “Adolescent Depression and Substance Use”. It will be taught by psychotherapist Inta Zīle, who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Latvia.

Parents who are currently raising teenagers are invited to participate as they might broaden their understanding of the psychological make-up of young people and the topic of substance abuse and addiction.

"The seminar will discuss how to distinguish normal adolescent mood swings from depression to understand when to seek help. The lecturer will also talk about the most common manifestations of adolescent depression, their relationship to self-destructive behaviour and addictive substances, and how to have a conversation, if necessary. If suspected that a teenager is using something, the seminar will address issues of prevention," said Astra Vanaga, Head of the Continuing Education Department of ZRKAC. 

Mrs Vanaga explained that the seminar is planned to be imparted in person and that only 30 people will be able to attend, hence the importance of advance registration. The reduced attendance is owed to the fact that sanitary safety requirements for distance must be observed.

However, if circumstances change the ZRKAC is also prepared to organize the seminar online if needed. Those who want to register are encouraged to call one of the following phone numbers: 63082101, 63012158, 29222737, or e-mail



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