Next summer, the Paris Metro will be even more crowded than usual thanks to an influx of Olympic Games tourists, Source: Depositphotos

Paris Metro tickets will cost nearly double during the Olympic Games

Paris Metro tickets will cost nearly double during the Olympic Games

The price of monthly passes, however, will remain the same so that regular commuters won’t have to worry

Paris has been going through all sorts of radical and at times uncomfortable shifts in its preparations for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games, which the French capital will host in the summer of next year. The latest such shift that is about to raise eyebrows is the announcement by the Paris region’s transport authority that it will raise the price of a Metro ticket from the current 2.10 euros to 4.00 euros!

Talk about inflation – the fare price hike is almost double and certainly unheard of. Luckily, it will only apply during the hosting period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – more specifically from 20 July to 8 September.

The price surge is defended as a way to help the local transport network adjust and cope with the sudden influx of tourist crowds, which will swarm over the summer to the French capital. There are estimates that 10 million people will visit the city, which will require a boost in the public transport services.

Visitors will also have the chance to purchase 10-ticket coupons, but these will also double in price – from 16.90 currently to 32 euros.

What travel passes will be available?

That’s why a better option might be to arm oneself with a day pass for 16 euros or a weekly pass for 70 euros, which will give visitors better freedom to discover the charms of the French capital and follow the sports events regardless of which part in the city they are located.

One might also wonder if the eye-watering metro fare price hike won’t cause the usually restive French public to rise in violent protest.

It is out of the question that people living in the Paris region should pay for the extra cost" brought on by the Olympic Games and estimated at 200 million euros, assured Valerie Pécresse, head of the Paris region's transport authority, as quoted by France24.

The officials have stated that the monthly travel passes used by residents will not be affected by the price rises.



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