A social housing building in Paris, Source: City of Paris/ Clement Dorval

Paris reports positive impact from energy renovation on social housing

Paris reports positive impact from energy renovation on social housing

A recent study showed how these energy efficiency projects make the living habitat more…livable

Paris’s municipal website was proud to synthesize some of the most interesting findings that came out from a recent study conducted by Apur (Parisian urban planning workshop) about the impact of social housing renovations carried out between 2012 and 2020.

It turns out that the benefits of energy efficiency renovations were quite substantial. In Paris, the social residential sector is responsible for 8% of the total energy consumption (excluding road transport) whereas the private housing sector accounts for 38%. Given the benefits and savings that were achieved in the social housing, these can easily serve as a perfect example and good practice for renovation in the private sphere as well.

Smaller energy bills and cooler rooms in summer

The study was very clear about the benefits, presented in concrete numbers. For one, the energy bills of social housing residents were slashed by between 200 and 450 euros a year.

That’s because on average, the renovated homes consumed 28% less energy, and for those using electric heating that reduction reached 31%. Homes using collective gas heating reduced their consumption by 25%, and those connected to the district heating – 18%.

The renovation included the revamping of the facade of the buildings, the replacement of windows and heating, and the insulation of the parquet flooring and the attic.

What’s more, the impact of the energy renovation wasn’t only felt during winter. In fact, in some case, it brought just as much benefit during the summer heatwaves, a phenomenon that seems to be becoming increasingly common in our times. For an apartment located on the top floor of a building, the renovation of the building allows a drop in temperature of 10 to 15°C!

The City of Paris has set itself the objective of renovating 5,000 social buildings each year and is co-financing the work with the various social landlords.



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