Heart-shaped art installation in front of Paris City Hall, Source: © Jean Baptiste Gurliat - Ville de Paris

Paris will be celebrating Valentine’s Day for a couple more weeks

Paris will be celebrating Valentine’s Day for a couple more weeks

Enough time to declare your love for the city in an audio message

For most of us Valentine’s Day might be long gone, but in Paris, “The City of Love”, the mood will last for another few weeks. This is thanks to an ongoing campaign, organised by local authorities, inviting residents to testify their love for Paris in an audio message.

To spice things up a bit, a giant heart in front of the City Hall, will be inspiring passers-by. The aim - to bring poetry back to life and to renew hope in citizens’ daily lives.

Paris, I still love you!

The city of Paris, together with My Little Paris invite you to join their campaign Paris je t'aime toujours (Paris, I still love you), from 14 February to 6 March 2021. Throughout these three weeks, you can express your (hopefully positive) feelings for Paris, in an audio message. Once the campaign ends on 7 March, the messages will be made available via QR codes, throughout the city and on the social media channels of the City of Paris with hashtag #parisjetaimetoujours.

To share a message, one needs to dial the local number 01 89 16 53 02, give their first name, age and tell why they love Paris. The recording is limited to one minute only, and can go like this:

  • “Martin, 40 years old: Paris, I love you, because I fell in love three times here” or
  • “Simon, 30 years old: Paris, I love you for your museums, theatres that I can’t wait to visit again”.

To help you get into the mood, Paris has already set up a giant temporary installation, in its very own courtyard. A 900 square metres collage representing a heart has been greeting visitors for a couple of days now with the following message “We only have one life. Dream it every night and live it every day.” (see the Gallery above).

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, was quoted on the city website saying: “In these difficult and trying times, we need to look to the future and restore hope. It is the ambition of this beautiful campaign: to express our love for Paris.

Our city will recover, as in every crisis. As soon as the pandemic is behind us, we will find our streets, our restaurants, our museums, our cinemas, our theatres, full of life and joy. Paris will always be Paris".

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