Pumptrack circuit in Paterna, Source: Ayuntamiento de Paterna

Paterna installs a pumptrack circuit

Paterna installs a pumptrack circuit

More momentum and accessibility, fewer injuries

The municipal website of Paterna in Spain announced on 2 March that a new 450 m2 pumptrack circuit had been constructed in the Lloma Llarga neighbourhood and will be ready to receive cyclists skateboarders, and scooter riders as soon as the coronavirus anti-pandemic measures begin to de-escalate.

The pumptrack space is located in a park which is found behind Melissa Street - a public space of some 4000 square metres which was previously largely unused and has now been converted to a place for leisure and recreation for the local residents.

What is a pumptrack circuit?

Pumptracks (also spelt 'pump tracks') might be an unfamiliar term to many yet but these are essentially updated and improved version of skate parks. Pumptrack circuits feature softer curves and a variety of bends in the terrain which allow the users to propel themselves without using pedalling power, instead, they have to rely only changing their body position to generate momentum.

We have designed this new Pumptrack in Lloma Llarga with slopes, banked curves and potholes so that children and young people can enjoy the circuit and practice their skills, always respecting the rules of use that have been arranged at the entrance of the circuit,” explained Nuria Campos, the Councilor for Mobility.

These features make these circuits more suitable for people with lesser athletic skills or people with disabilities. Whereas, injuries are common in the traditional skate parks, which have many sharp edges, here the likelihood of these occurring is reduced.

In addition, lighting spots, picnic tables and waste bins have been installed around the circuit and the pumptrack itself has been fenced off with a clear indication for its entrance and rules of use.

It was reported that the city council of Paterna had invested an overall budget of 40 000 euros to create the new outdoor leisure area in Lloma Llarga.

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