Lodz tax lottery, Source: Hanna Zdanowska / City of Lodz

Pay your taxes and Lodz will give you the chance to win PLN 100,000

Pay your taxes and Lodz will give you the chance to win PLN 100,000

And do not worry, the city will pay the tax on the winnings for you

Is there a working way to make citizens pay taxes diligently? Well, giving them large amounts of money back certainly helps. This is what the local authorities in Lodz believe, which is why they launched the Great Lottery of Lodz City (original name Wielka Loteria Miasta Łódź). With an annual draw of PLN 100,000 (around EUR 23,277), the stakes are high.

The lottery is organized by the Polish city of Łódź and its main purpose is to promote the town itself. The Lottery is aimed towards taxpayers regardless of citizenship, so long as they have paid their personal income tax and:

  • have paid taxes in other communes but live in Łódź
  • live in Łódź (no registration requirement)
  • submitted the Personal Income Tax return for the first time in 2019
  • are under 26 who worked from January to July 2019 and did not pay taxes in Łódź in 2018
  • are foreigners who settled in Łódź in 2019, and in 2018 paid taxes outside of Poland, or in another municipality

Hanna Zdanowska Lodz Lottery
Mayor of Lodz Hanna Zdanowska drawing the names of the lucky winners of the tax lottery.

Participation and prizes

The lottery starts on 4 November 2019 and ends on 17 August 2020. The total value of the prize pool in the Lottery is PLN 225,777.00 which is distributed as follows:

  • Main prize of PLN 100,000. An additional PLN 11,111 will be allocated for the payment of the flat-rate tax on the prize;
  • Six monthly prizes of PLN 10,000 (+PLN 1,111 for flat tax);
  • 48 Weekly prizes in the amount of PLN 1,000 with a total value of PLN 48,000 (exempted from income tax).

Participation is possible online or in one of the offices of Lodz city. In order to apply, one must first inform the Tax Office about the Łódź address of residence with ZAP3, PIT for 2019, complete the lottery application form, save or remember the unique code issued.

Full terms and conditions and application form are available here. Good luck and do not forget to pay your taxes.



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