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People who want to own a holiday flat in Amsterdam will require a permit

People who want to own a holiday flat in Amsterdam will require a permit

The Municipality has not yet decided on the rules regarding the license, but they will enter into force on 1 January 2026

Did you know that out-of-town residents who own a second home in Amsterdam are restricted in their usage of these properties? They are not allowed to rent them out to tourists or use them as office spaces, and faced with a dire housing shortage, the municipal authorities of the Dutch capital are now planning to make it even more difficult to own a holiday home on its territory.

The new rules are still being hammered out, but what’s clear is that they will enter into force on 1 January 2026. What’s also clear is that after this date, owners of second homes in Amsterdam will need to get a permit to own that property.

Meanwhile, the city council is turning to local residents to ask for their opinion and help in drafting the regulations on that matter. Residents are invited to submit their opinions this summer, which the policymakers will consider before drafting the new regulation amendments.

Until the new policy enters into force,

the current rules

will apply. These rules state that owners of second homes in Amsterdam (also known as pied-à-terre properties) cannot be registered as residents in the Dutch capital.

The owners cannot turn their second homes into holiday accommodations for rent to tourists. Neither can they use the property as a business office.

Owners cannot even let their children live permanently in their second homes in Amsterdam. That child will become the main resident, even if the parents do not charge any rent. The child will need to register as a resident of Amsterdam.

The rules also apply to situations where the person is only renting the second home in Amsterdam and doesn’t own it. Out-of-towners can rent homes only above a rental monthly price of 808 euros (2023 price level) because below this price the property would enter into the social housing category, which is reserved for residents of the city.



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