Women in Piedmont can feel more secure

Piedmont offers direct link with women in distress, thanks to an app

Piedmont offers direct link with women in distress, thanks to an app

'Erica' is free and simple to use

The regional government of Piedmont is taking seriously the issue of the safety of all female residents on its territory. For this purpose, the authorities have made available a new mobile app called ‘Erica’, which is promoted with the slogan “The app that holds your hand”. The idea is to let women that the authorities are just a click away in times of need so that the users can feel more secure.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store (for Android system) or from the Apple Store (for iOS). Its design is quite straightforward and simple because in times of emergency there might be no time for typing and scrolling.

Simple interface with 3 buttons

Opening the app shows the user 3 clickable buttons, each of which has a very specific function.

  • Info: collect and make easily accessible all the information on the anti-violence centres of Piedmont (numbers, addresses);
  • Follow me: send your geolocation in case you do not reach your destination at a predetermined time. It also shows the nearest shelter to the user’s location and a route to get to it on foot or by public transport, as well as the time needed to get there;
  • SOS: pushing it sends a request for help and GPS coordinates, in case of danger, to three numbers pre-registered on the app.

The Piedmont government’s action is part of a broader support plan for abused or women living in risky situations. The app adds to the network of anti-violence centres and shelters, (which have given assistance to over 3,000 women in 2018), to the fund to support the legal costs of victims of abuse, to the efforts to re-educate perpetrators of gender-based violence, and to the agreements with hairdressers and beauticians to raise customer awareness.



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