Smart tram by Škoda Transportation, Source: City of Pilsen

Pilsen to upgrade public transport with a smart tram

Pilsen to upgrade public transport with a smart tram

The Czech city aims to develop a fully autonomous tram by 2027

On 25 May, the City of Pilsen announced its plans to create a living laboratory and a centre for smart mobility by 2027. This living laboratory will be developed with the aim of testing various models of smart transport in a real environment.

Taking this further, Pilsen signed a memorandum of cooperation with several organisations to develop the city’s first smart tram. With its development, Pilsen seeks to become the first smart city of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Intelligent transport

In a press release, the city explains that the first smart tram will be developed by Škoda Transportation. The vehicle will have air-conditioning, five double doors on each side, and space for transporting strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, etc. More importantly, the tram will be equipped with sensors, radars, and cameras that will monitor the tracks and potential obstacles.

Vice President for Digitisation and IT in the Škoda Transportation Group Kamil Mrva commented on the new project and the possibility of connecting the smart tram to a 5G network: “By connecting our smart tram with the city’s intelligent transport system, our vision of urban transport management and development is being fulfilled.

We really appreciate that we were able to participate in a project that, using new technologies, will help monitor traffic in the city and optimise it for the needs of all those who are part of it. Our means of transport will become a natural part of smart cities of the future.”

Fully autonomous tram by 2027

It is hoped that Pilsen’s smart tram will be fully autonomous by 2027. First Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pilsen Municipal Transport Companies Roman Zarzycký explained that this will have numerous advantages.

That is, a fully autonomous tram will function more easily than an autonomous car. The reason behind this is the fact that trams move along the same route and do not have to consider many variables. In addition to this, Zarzycký explains that the digital transformation will reduce human error and therefore make transport safer and smoother.



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