The first road mural in Poland, Source: City of Poznan

Poland has its first road “mural”

Poland has its first road “mural”

It can also give you a myriad of facts about Poznan - the city where you will find it

Poznan recently unveiled the first road mural in Poland. The drogal, as it is called, (from droga - the Polish word for road), depicts an enormous bridge that literary measures the city and describes the different attributes of its 42 districts.

Getting to know your city through street art

The drogal is located on Wartostrada near the St. Roch Bridge and counts an impressive 128 metres in length – it’s exactly as long as the local RTV tower is high. But there is much more to learn from the horizontal painting. One can get information about the dimensions of various characteristic elements situated in the city of Poznan as a tiny drawing of each of them is located along the ruler at the exact spot indicating their size.

According to the city authorities, the art project is an example of how a city can be smart without using technology.

Poznań is not only the downtown area but all 42 districts. Each of them is unique. We want residents to get to know their little homelands and be proud of the fact that living and working [there], they create unique communities," commented Jacek Jaskowiak, Mayor of Poznań as quoted on the city website.

The project was brought about with the cooperation of the creative studio at the City Hall of Poznan and their Smart City team. The illustrations were prepared by the Poznań collective Ilu Nas Jest, and the creator is the Mur All Group.

The drogal, which bears the title "Measure of Poznań", is expected to stay for a while in the city, gaining the chance to become a true local street art attraction.



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