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Poland starts handing out laptops to all its fourth-graders

Poland starts handing out laptops to all its fourth-graders

The computers will be assigned to each student for five years, but will not become their property

The Polish Ministry of Education has begun giving free study laptops to all pupils who are starting the fourth grade in the national educational system. Overall, this means that the authorities will hand out some 400,000 laptops to students.

The programme is the first of its kind in the country, and despite the upcoming legislative elections there, it’s actually supported by all parties in parliament, except for the small far-right Konfederacja. One other party – Polska 2050 – abstained from voting for the bill.

The free laptops programme is an element of pro-family policy, because public services, including education, are a very important area of ​​life. It is our duty to support local authorities to ensure that educational services are at the highest level,” said Barbara Socha, deputy family and social policy minister, as quoted by Notes from Poland.

What’s more, Polish teachers will also get vouchers that will help them purchase their own personal laptops. The vouchers will be valued at 559 euros and can be used at government-approved stores.

Laptops for the people

There is a caveat regarding the laptop ownership, however. The devices will actually be assigned to the parents of the pupils since they are adults and can bear responsibility.

The laptops are thus not given as a gift to the students but are rather given by the government as part of the compulsory education package for every child. There are two options, though. In one case, the student can take and use the laptop at home for five years, and in the other case, the school will lend the laptop to the student.

The equipment comes with a 3-year warranty, and the school can also request it at any time for technical inspection. That inspection, however, will not monitor how the computer is used, as this is seen as part of the parents’ responsibility.



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