The smart bench also has its own ambient light source , Source: City of Piraeus

Possibly the ‘smartest’ bench you’ve ever seen? Piraeus steps up digitalisation

Possibly the ‘smartest’ bench you’ve ever seen? Piraeus steps up digitalisation

The street furniture item will emit Wi-Fi and charge electric wheelchairs through its own green power source

On Monday, the municipality of Piraeus in Greece announced they have installed a new bench overlooking Mikrolimano Bay. Why is this important? Because it is probably the ‘smartest bench’ you have ever heard of.

According to a statement by local authorities, it has its own power source with a photovoltaic panel and is able to charge phones, emit Wi-Fi and even charge electric wheelchairs for the disabled. Additionally, the bench is self-lit, creating a contained single solution for the area, while providing multiple amenities.

Possibly the smartest bench

The bench is located in the Mikrolimanos district of Piraeus – one of the busiest for both visitors and locals. Authorities chose this point in particular so that many people could benefit from the bench, along with the accompanying green area.

According to an official statement, the bench also has anti-vandalism and anti-graffiti design. It has 8 phone charging points and it emits free Wi-Fi. Additionally, it comes with its own ambient light source, offering a holistic hub of smart services all rolled into one.

Moreover, it also has a charging socket for electric wheelchairs, powered by a photovoltaic system, making the whole package green and sustainable. The bench also comes with a kiosk and screen showing news and messages from Piraeus City, as well as information about the weather.

Tech blending with the urban landscape

More and more, technology is blending itself with the urban landscape as people rely more on their phones, and cities try to spread services and amenities to accommodate that demand.

This is what Piraeus Mayor Yiannis Moralis claimed that the city is entering a new era of digitalisation. He was quoted in a press statement explaining Mikrolimanos is one of the busiest areas of the city and so they want to offer the residents and visitors "smart" urban services.



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