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Poznan launches a digital advice hotline for seniors

Poznan launches a digital advice hotline for seniors

The new service fights against digital exclusion by supporting seniors in their use of technologies

A new service in Poznan aims to integrate local seniors into the digital society. Thanks to the Digital Telephone Advice (Telefonu Porad Cyfrowych), launched this week, senior citizens will be able to get support on how to use new technologies and learn how they can help during social distancing.

Can you imagine living without a computer and internet?

Sending and receiving files or emails, visiting webpages for information, chatting with friends, using free programmes for video calls, purchasing goods or services through mobile applications – these are an inalienable part of everyday life for the most of us. So much so that most of these processes have become automated and require no effort on our part to make use of them.

However, things are much different for the senior citizens who often lack the training for new technologies and therefore are left outside of the digital world. In the context of coronavirus pandemic and social isolation, it has become even more important to integrate all society members in the digital society. For them, Poznan has launched a special telephone service.

Getting advice on new technologies in Poznan

Thanks to the new telephone advice line, seniors from the Polish city can get support in solving problems with the computer, tablet, phone or smartphone or camera; they can learn how to create an account on Facebook and other social networks and how to get free learning materials on the ways to use digital devices without leaving their homes. Searching for information on the internet and discovering reliable pages are also subject of the conversations over the new line.

The initiative is implemented by the Centre for Senior Initiatives of Poznan. Its director Wojciech Bauer has explained for that apart from the technical knowledge, their consultants will propose to seniors different forms of animation using new technologies. Suggestions on how to spend time actively on the computer, tailored to the interests of each caller will be given as well.

The new line can be reached from Monday to Wednesday between 10 and 14h at 603 489 205. The authorities hope that local seniors will be active in seeking telephone assistance and are positive that the service will help them stay connected with their loved ones and friends.



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