The first episode of the green podcast in Poznan will tell the story of a green-minded football club, Source: Miasto Poznan

Poznan launches a green podcast

Poznan launches a green podcast

On the occasion of the arrival of spring

On Monday, 21 March, the City of Poznań launched a new type of public info service, related to the environment – a green podcast (the original name being Zielone blubrani). As the city website reports, the podcast is prepared by the municipal green board and will feature casual conversations with people who are close to the topics of ecology and environmental protection. Every other Monday, they will share their reflections on the approach to the nature of the Polish city.

Educating the public in Poznań about environmental matters

The first day of spring marked the first episode of Pozna’s green podcast, in a biweekly edition, which will bring discussions about what authorities can do to improve the natural environment in concrete terms. The podcast is already available on YouTube, Spotify and Google Podcast.

The first guest of the series is the marketing director of local football club Warta Poznan - Jarosław Żubka, its Marketing and Communication Director. The club has reportedly conducted an audit, which resulted in a development strategy based on ecological solutions. As a result, the ecological approach has become a permanent part of the club's strategy and is one of the most important points of its activity.

Be as it may, the podcast is just one of the ways that the Polish city keeps the debate on the environment going in society. The authorities have also recently launched an educational project for the environment – the Green Poznań Academy. The project previews workshops and nature lessons for children starting from May, as well as the publication of articles on topics, such as gardening, which are authored by academicians.

Finally, the Green Poznań program launched a competition in which the Mayor of Poznan rewards the owners of the most beautiful gardens, terraces and balconies, appreciating their contribution for a more beautiful and healthier city.



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