Representatives of three denominations and the city of Poznan presented the special calendar, Source: City of Poznan

Poznan releases calendar of three religions

Poznan releases calendar of three religions

It is meant to improve the understanding of different denominations practiced in the city

Representatives of three religions in Poznan got together once again for the fifth edition of a common calendar, meant to improve the understanding among different faiths and cultures. The edition is financed by the Polish city and combines motives of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is already available to collect free of charge at several locations in Poznan.

Poznań is an open city, where there is room for everyone

Last week, city authorities in Poznan presented a special calendar, that tells a lot about the city’s culture and social community. Richly illustrated, it contains photos from Poznan, as well as information on all national holidays. But its uniqueness lies in the fact that it also helps us understand the differences in traditions of the three religions that find their home in the city.

Each sheet of it is divided into three parts - each based on a different time count. Hence, in addition to the Gregorian calendar, we can also find a Muslim calendar, dated from the Prophet Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina, and a Jewish one, counted from the beginning of the world. The publication also contains the most important holidays of the three religions, lists the days of prayer and the names of the individual months.

The idea started five years ago, reportedly inspired by another Polish city – Katowice. This year's calendar is called "Building Peace. 5 Years Together". The slogan refers to the number of editions and at the same time announces the leitmotif of the publication. For 2022, the calendar also has an introduction in English, making it available to a wider audience.

“Poznań is an open city, where there is room for everyone, regardless of socio-political views, nationality or religion” commented Jędrzej Solarski, Deputy Mayor of Poznań, quoted on the city website. “Inhabitants of the capital of Wielkopolska supported each other in the times of a pandemic. We can see this solidarity especially at the beginning of winter. I hope that the calendar will be - as in previous years - an impulse to better understand the cultural and religious diversity of the inhabitants of Poznań, as well as a reminder of the values ​​that unite us” he concluded.

The calendar is available in 5,100 units and can be collected at the synagogue, the mosque and the Monastery of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, as well as at the Cultural Information Centre and the Tourist Information Office and online.



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