Testing a tree in Poznan using acoustic tomography equipment, Source: Poznan Municipality

Poznan trees undergo a health check without being cut

Poznan trees undergo a health check without being cut

Sonic tomography allows you to see the inside of a plant and determine if it’s experiencing any issues

Did you know that a tree may look healthy on the outside and yet be rotting on the inside? Much like with humans, not all plant diseases manifest themselves with external symptoms. That, in turn, could create problems for the tree stock in a city, such as having a tree fall down unexpectedly causing an accident.

That’s why the Polish City of Poznan is testing out a new solution by carrying out studies in the local Sołacki Park and A. Wodziczki Park. Using sonic tomography equipment lets researchers determine the health status of a tree’s interior without having to cut into its trunk and hurt the tissues.

These diagnostics can help assess structural changes in wood, which is not fully possible during a simple visual assessment. As a result, one can receive precise information about the location of rot or other defects affecting the statics of the tree or find out if it is rotten. Thanks to a specialized examination, it is possible to determine the degree of decomposition inside the trunk.

How does the scan work?

If the health condition of a tree raises doubts sonic, also known as acoustic, tomography test can be performed by the relevant authorities dealing with the greenery in the city.

The test is carried out in two places on the trunk. The measuring set consists of sensors and an electronic device. The sensors are fixed around the tree and then a sound signal is triggered with a suitable hammer. 

A tomographic examination of a tree is not only a method to identify its health problems. It is also a great way to learn about the life history of the plant and its internal structure. Thanks to this, it is possible to better understand the processes taking place in it and the reasons for its development.



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