Districts can develop cycle paths and pedestrian bridges, among others

Prague city districts to receive over EUR 7 million for transport infrastructure

Prague city districts to receive over EUR 7 million for transport infrastructure

They will develop or reconstruct cycle paths and pedestrian bridges

This week, the Czech capital announced that it will provide city districts with financing to help them implement projects that develop new or improve the current transport infrastructure. This financing will amount to a total of CZK 177,127,000 (over EUR 7,196,955) and be given in the form of subsidies. With this financial contribution, the City of Prague will assist districts in introducing new cycle paths, pedestrian bridges, and others.

According to a press release, the districts that will receive financial support for the implementation of their projects are Prague 8, Prague 9, Prague 14, Prague 18, Prague 19, Prague-Běchovice, Prague-Čakovice, Prague-Dubeč, Prague-Klánovice, Prague-Lysolaje, Prague-Satalice and Prague-Vinoř. Commenting on their projects, Deputy Mayor for Transport Adam Scheinherr shared:

“The projects which have succeeded with their application for subsidies should start to emerge this year and are currently in preparation. These are new constructions, land purchases, financing of project preparation, or co-financing of already completed constructions.”

Taking this further, Scheinherr revealed some of the districts’ projects, noting that city residents can look forward to a reconstructed cycle path in Prague 8’s Šaldov-Negrelli viaduct as well as a cycle path and bridge in Prague-Čakovice.

Understanding the needs of local residents

It is important to note that having city districts prepare and implement the development and upgrade of their transport infrastructure has several advantages. The main ones, the municipality explains, are their knowledge of their local areas and their ability to negotiate with local bodies. In other words, the city districts know and understand the needs of their residents and can subsequently work towards fulfilling them in the best possible way. 

The City of Prague will reportedly officially approve the allocation of subsidies at its meeting this week.



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