Mayor Zdeněk Hřib in Prague's vaccination bus, Source: City of Prague

Prague introduces vaccination bus to accelerate vaccine rollout

Prague introduces vaccination bus to accelerate vaccine rollout

Individuals will no longer have to register in advance to take their COVID jab

Over the past several months, governments and city administrations worldwide have been trying to accelerate the vaccine rollout. While thousands of individuals have already taken their jab, there are also many who are still unsure and hesitant. Targeting these people, the Czech capital has now introduced a vaccination bus.

How does it work?

As of Saturday 31 July, Prague has made the vaccination process easier for citizens and foreigners who can now get vaccinated without having to register in advance. The Vaccination Bus of the Capital City and the Prague Transport Company will travel through the city, making stops at various well-known locations until the second half of September. These locations include the Prague Zoo, the Prague Exhibition Grounds, the Olympic Festival in Stromovka, the Botanical Garden, and other popular sites.

Upon presenting a health insurance card and proof of identity, one will be able to immediately receive their BioNTech/Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Following this, healthcare workers will provide them with a vaccination certificate as proof. In addition to this, they will ask them to remain on the bus for half an hour to ensure that they do not experience any severe side effects after the administration of the shot.

In a press release, Regional Vaccination Coordinator Martin Ježek commented on the significance of the bus: “As a vaccination coordinator, I consider the Vaccination Bus to be an optimal complement to otherwise well-functioning stationary vaccination sites in the capital city of Prague, and I consider it an ideal opportunity to bring vaccinations closer to undecided citizens or those who, for various reasons, could not use the vaccination sites.”

The newly launched bus will have the capacity to vaccinate up to 300 individuals a day. Taking this further, children aged 12 and above will also be able to get their COVID shots at certain sites. 12+ signs will allow people to distinguish the locations where pediatricians will be present to guarantee the wellbeing of the children.

Councillor for Social Policy and Healthcare Milena Johnová stressed that the capital is working hard to vaccinate as many people as possible and in the best possible way. Taking a case in point, the City of Prague recently began administering single-dose vaccines to homeless individuals.

Johnová further shared that the capital sought inspiration from Germany, Austria, and Lithuania – European countries which have already successfully introduced vaccination buses. To view the route and schedule of Prague’s bus, visit the website.



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