Prague launches video series featuring tours of key buildings

Prague launches video series featuring tours of key buildings

Viewers can see the Mayor’s Residence, New Town Hall and Škoda Palace

On 20 April, the municipality of Prague announced the launch of a new video programme called "Prague Stops" (Pražská zastavení). This programme has been designed with the idea of showing both citizens and tourists some of the best-known yet inaccessible places in the city.

Currently, there are 5 short episodes of this new series on the City’s Youtube channel. The Prague Stops programme allows people to see the Mayor’s Residence, New Town Hall and Škoda Palace from inside. What is more, they can also learn about the history of these places as the short episodes feature speakers who comment on the buildings and their use throughout the years.

Entertainment and recreation

The director of the Media and Marketing Department of the Prague City Hall Jana Berková explained the idea behind the video series: “Last year we were all affected by the coronavirus pandemic and people lost many opportunities for entertainment and recreation, including the open days of municipal buildings. Traditionally, we once allowed the public to see the Mayor's Residence, the New Town Hall, or the Škoda Lounges in the Škoda Palace. With these videos, we want to at least partially compensate the public for this deficit.”

It is important to note that the videos are available with both Czech and English subtitles. This means that the City is not only targeting its residents but also international viewers. By doing so, it encourages them to learn more about Prague and see what the city has to offer. In other words, it is a way of finding potential tourists and persuading them to visit.

The programme’s host and guide is Vít Hofman, head of the media department and spokesman for the Prague City Hall. Hofman will give the viewers a tour of the buildings and speak to guests such as Martin Churavý who will discuss the Mayor’s Residence as well as Lukáš Stránský and Václav Ledvinka who will talk about the Škoda Palace.

Although there are only 5 episodes at the moment, the City plans to produce more videos throughout the year.



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