Design plans for the future library, Source: City of Prague

Prague to begin long-awaited construction of modern library

Prague to begin long-awaited construction of modern library

The Czech capital has planned the development of the multifunctional building for over a decade

On 4 February, the Czech capital announced that the Municipal Library in Prague (MKP) will soon begin the construction of a new multifunctional building in Petřiny. The new establishment will replace the existing library building in Prague 6, which was built in the 1950s and no longer serves its purpose.

What will it feature?

The future library will offer citizens more than just the ability to borrow, read, and return books. That is, it will also provide them with modern rooms and halls where they can meet up to study or work.

While the first and second floors will be dedicated to books and such meetings, the ground floor will act as a space where visitors can obtain information regarding services and events. What is more, the building will also feature a multifunctional hall on an underground level, where events such as film screenings and musical performances can be held without disturbing readers. 

Responding to the changing times, the library will further offer modern facilities that will make its services more attractive and easier to use. More specifically, it will allow readers to borrow and return books using self-service counters outside of opening hours.

Over a decade of planning

In a press release, the City of Prague revealed that it has been planning the development of the building for around 13 years. Commenting on this, Councillor for Culture and Tourism Hana Třeštíková noted:

“The library of the 21st century is no longer just a place to borrow books and magazines, but rather a multifunctional and cultural space that offers a number of new functions and approaches. The preparation of such a centre has dragged on for more than 10 years. By co-financing the project, we make way for its implementation. It will be ready in a few months, and after 13 years, the people of Prague will have a new modern centre for literature, information, culture, and meetings.”

It is important to note that the multifunctional building will be located near several local schools and kindergartens. Chairwoman of the Committee for Education and Training Mariana Čapková discussed the importance of this, stating that in order for books to compete with digital technologies, they need to be a natural part of children’s daily lives. 

The construction of the multifunctional building will cost approximately CZK 226 million (over EUR 9.3 million) and end by the autumn of 2023.

To see the design plans for the library, see the gallery above.



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