Metro in Prague, Czechia

Prague to begin the construction of a 2-billion-euro metro line

Prague to begin the construction of a 2-billion-euro metro line

This will be Czechia’s largest investment in transport

The construction of the new D Metro line in the Pankrác - Nové Dvory section of Prague can now begin. This was announced on Thursday 17 June in a press release by the municipality after the Prague City Council approved the commencement and financing of the project.

Largest transport investment in the country

According to the City of Prague, the estimated total costs for this ambitious project will amount to approximately CZK 52 billion (EUR 2 billion). Commenting on this large sum, Deputy Mayor of Prague for transport Adam Scheinherr shared:

"Metro D is currently the largest transport investment in the Czech Republic. The first section of metro D from Pankrác to Nové Dvory will cost CZK 52 billion and we will have large negotiations on financing – with banks, the EU, and the state, which normally co-finances such important urban projects abroad. I am glad that today we have won the trust of Prague's representatives across political parties for this huge investment."

7.5 years of construction

The new line will consist of 5 stations, namely Pankrác, Olbrachtova, Krč Railway Station, Krč Hospital, and Nové Dvory. Furthermore, it will also include a change to the C Metro line in Pankrác. Construction of the D Metro will reportedly take approximately 7.5 years to complete, with the Pankrác – Olbrachtova section taking the longest.

Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib explained the significance of the new investment, noting: "The construction of a new metro line D is one of the key priorities for the development of the capital's transport infrastructure. Metro D is to form the key backbone of the Prague public transport system and relieve the congested traffic situation in the southern part of the city - especially in Krč, Lhotka, Novodvorská or Libuš, where up to 150,000 people live.”

Construction is expected to commence in October.

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