Electric vehicle at streetlight charging point, Source: THMP

Prague to install high-tech streetlight EV charging points

Prague to install high-tech streetlight EV charging points

The aim of the initiative is to make the capital a more modern and environmentally friendly city

In the next two years, The Municipal Society of Technology of the Capital City of Prague (THMP) plans to add several hundred public lighting poles from which electric vehicles can be recharged. This initiative builds on a pilot project for which THMP had collaborated with electricity supplier PREdistribuce in Vinohrady, Prague to create 13 EV charging streetlight points last year.

A six-year project

This project has been spread over six years with the hopes of installing around 3,000 to 6,000 streetlight EV charging points in the country. Within two years, THMP aims to add over 400 of these lamp posts in 12 selected regions.

According to THMP’s website, the City Hall Councillor Jan Chabr estimates that by 2030, there will be around 500 to 700 thousand electric vehicles in the Czech Republic. Moreover, he explained that at least one-fifth of these vehicles will run on Prague's streets.

Where will the charging points be installed?

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of THMP Tomáš Jílek stated that the installation of the streetlight charging points must “make sense in all respects”. As a result, the THMP has coordinated the selection of the installation sites and localities with other municipal entities.

It has been decided that the charging points will first be installed in Kamýk, Chodovec, Háje, Veleslavín, Velká Ohrada, Vokovice, Prosek, Spořilov, Dvorce, Bohnice and on the border of Vinohrady and Žižkov.  

The six-year project is estimated to cost around 880 million korunas (33.6 million euros). This amount, Jílek shared, will cover the costs of purchasing chargers, modernizing public lighting, replacing cable networks, and/or renewing roads.  

In addition to ensuring the modernization of the capital and the country, this project will have numerous environmental benefits. Ultimately, the installation of these EV charging points will undoubtedly make Prague a cleaner and more modern city.

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