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Prague to invest 14 million euros in cycling infrastructure

Prague to invest 14 million euros in cycling infrastructure

The Czech capital will build 21 kilometres of cycle trails

Warmer days are coming, and people are eager to go out once again. As the cycling season is rapidly approaching, the Municipality of Prague has announced that it is planning on investing over 14 million euros (247 million Czech koruna) in cycling infrastructure, design work, and studies aimed at improving the quality of life of cyclists in the Czech capital.

Using the budget of the Technical Administration of Roads, the City of Prague will create 21 kilometres of new cycle trails in 2021. In addition to this, it will also subsidise studies and design work which will then be used for the construction of 8 more kilometres in 2022.  

Record numbers

In a press release by the municipality, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague Adam Scheinherr explained that the Czech capital has seen a significant rise in the number of cyclists. “The importance of hundreds of millions of investments is underlined by the change in traffic behaviour of Praguers over the last year,” commented Scheinherr.

Expanding on this, Scheinherr revealed that in 2020, Prague recorded an increase of 1.23 million cyclists (38% increase compared to 2019). The Deputy Mayor explained that the City cannot ignore this data and that it must provide cyclists with the support they need.

Benefits of investing in cycling infrastructure

By making such an investment, Prague is ensuring the safety and comfort of its residents. Moreover, it is massively contributing to protecting the environment as promoting cycling ensures cleaner air and less pollution. What is more, the City is also encouraging its residents to engage in physical exercise and improve their wellbeing.

The municipality reported that it has contacted schools in the area to offer them support by improving conditions for students who would like to cycle to school. In other words, it has offered to pay for any bicycle shelters and stands that schools may need.

After conducting several surveys among cyclists, the City of Prague has acknowledged and understood their needs. Now, it is catering to these needs in numerous ways such as improving infrastructure, installing bicycle stands and opening repair shops.



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