Vlada Clementis Park currently, Source: City of Presov

Presov begins revitalization works at Vlada Clementis Park

Presov begins revitalization works at Vlada Clementis Park

After the government’s intervention, the vast green space will look better than ever before

Revitalization of Presov’s park between Vlada Clementisa Street and Levočská Street is set to take place in the first half of 2021 and will create the preconditions for its efficient and sustainable use. The works will also lead to an increase in biodiversity, as well as the safety of movement and the creation of space for leisure activities for people of all ages.

Improving vital urban green spaces

"Our goal is to create an aesthetic and at the same time functional space for the inhabitants of the city, to improve the possibilities for sports, rest or relaxation in this part of the city and at the same time to increase safety. In Prešov, another green zone will be added, which will be not only relaxing but also sustainable thanks to functional rain gardens," said the mayor of Prešov Andrea Turčanová.

The territory of the park will be divided into three zones by means of sidewalks and horizontal areas. From west to east it will be a  sports - active zone, where there will be fitness parks, a playground, areas for sports, active movement or areas for petanque.

The social zone will be the main connection between two bus stops with a small square and a footbridge over the Vydumanec watercourse. A natural amphitheatre with a stage for various social activities will also be located in this zone.

The eastern, largest part, will be a recreational, natural zone. The entire southern part, which is bordered by the busy Levočská Street, will be separated as much as possible by greenery and anti-noise planting. Denser planting is designed along the entire road, which significantly prevents the perception of noise and vibration and creates a more pleasant environment for the park. By installing new public lighting, the park will also become safer.

The park will also be interesting for rain gardens, ie places for capturing rainwater from paved impermeable areas, such as sidewalks, parking lots or driveways. In the park of V. Clementis, 7 such rain gardens will be realized together with the planting of perennials over the entire area.

Rain gardens will be built close to paved areas to capture rainwater as effectively as possible for a maximum of 72 hours, which will have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem in the area. In the immediate vicinity of these rain gardens will be located small wooden islands planted above ground and vegetation, used for rest, relaxation and exploration.

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