Chelm might soon have green stops like the ones in Bialystok, Source: Jakub Banaszek on Facebook

Public transport in Chelm is set for a massive makeover

Public transport in Chelm is set for a massive makeover

It will become free, among other things

This September, public transport becomes free throughout the entire city of Chelm. However, this is far from the only change in mobility for the Polish city. Public transport is already on the path to a massive modernization, aimed to make it more sustainable and attractive, as was announced by Mayor Jakub Banaszek earlier this week.

Modelling transport infrastructure as per citizens’ needs

Chelm is a city in eastern Poland with a population exceeding 60 thousand inhabitants. As a border city, some 30 kilometres away from Ukraine, it plays the role of an industrial, service and transit centre, connecting Western Europe with Ukraine. Thus, it is only natural that authorities want to make public transport more attractive and thereby reduce the amount of traffic and the related air pollution.

Hence, after announcing the free public transport from this autumn, the authorities made clear that they have intentions to modernise the rolling stock and supporting infrastructure. On Tuesday, the Mayor explained on his Facebook profile that they will start with the replacement of at least 35 stop sheds, which will additionally be equipped with a passenger information system giving information on the times of departure and arrival.

Furthermore, the sustainable transformation goes through the concept of “green stops” – these are bus shelters covered with vegetation and powered on solar energy. They are usually capable of storing rainwater and self-irrigating, without the need for electicity.

In addition, according to authorities, plants around the bus stop produce about 10 kg of oxygen per year, thereby improving air quality and reducing the amount of suspended dust and other pollutants, while lowering the temperature inside the bus stop during the summer heat.

On top of this, the city authorities preview heated stops, which equipped with photovoltaic cells, will supply energy efficient light and ensure warmth. In the summer, when heating is not needed, air conditioners will be installed.

Finally, the exact implementation of the project and the timeline depends on citizens as they have been asked for their input on which solutions shall be prioritized. Hopefully, it will be taken into consideration to make the public transport in Chelm more suitable to their needs.



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