Participants from the 2021 waste collection, Source: Ren Natur on Facebook

Randers invites associations to collect waste and make money

Randers invites associations to collect waste and make money

Registrations for the Clean Nature waste collection are now open

For the fourth year in a row, associations in the Danish Municipality of Randers will have the opportunity to clean their environment whilst making money. More specifically, they can register to take part in this year’s Clean Nature waste collection and earn between DKK 2,500 (EUR 336) and DKK 3,000 (EUR 403). 

When registering, participants can choose to clean one of fifteen routes; it is important to note that the money they earn will depend on the length and difficulty of the route they select. After applying to take part, the associations will receive the equipment they need (i.e., gloves, garbage bags, vests, etc.).

Increasing interest

In a press release, the municipality revealed that 257 people volunteered to remove cans, papers and cigarette butts from Randers’ nature trails, forests, and ditches in 2021. Commenting on the number of participants, Chairman of the Environment and Technology Committee Nick Zimmermann shared:

“It is positive that so many active members of the clubs take responsibility and make a difference for nature and the activities in the club. In recent years, the interest in participation has been great. Of course, I hope that the members of the clubs are once again ready to make an effort for nature and the community.”

The Chairperson of the Health, Sports and Culture Committee Louise Høeg also commented, pointing out that the waste collection not only makes the municipality cleaner but also encourages residents to refrain from littering in the future:

“The feedback from the collections in previous years shows that the members of the clubs gain an increased awareness of waste when they fill the waste bags. The more people who become aware of the harmful effect of waste on nature, the cleaner and greener the municipality.”

This year, the Clean Nature waste collection will take place between May and October.

To participate and help make Randers greener, register on



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