The local event under Read Twice will show practical tools that shield against disinformation, Source: Euro Advance Association

Read Twice: Sofia seminar to show practical tools that shield against disinformation

Read Twice: Sofia seminar to show practical tools that shield against disinformation

The event is part of the pan-European Read Twice project, which seeks to better the level of media literacy in Eastern Europe

On 22 November in Sofia (Bulgaria), there will be a one-day free seminar dedicated to improving media literacy and limiting the spread of fake news. Titled “Read Twice: Immunize yourself against fake news”, it will take place in the 4 Seasons Hall at Event Space 2020.

The seminar is organized by Euro Advance Association, co-financed by the European Union, as part of the Read Twice project, and implemented in partnership with IAB Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality. It aims to provide benefits to PR professionals, public and local authorities, civil organizations, scientific and educational institutions, media, content creators, and librarians. Anyone who is interested in the topic of disinformation and who wants to improve their understanding and how to deal with it, is welcome.

Seminar Agenda

The event will start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m. and will consist of two parts. The program is intensive and varied – including discussions as well as educational and interactive elements.

In the first (morning) part, experts from the communications, media, education, and technology sectors will discuss the dangers arising from the spread of disinformation in the Bulgarian context. They will also discuss topics such as: artificial intelligence and machine-generated content, disinformation from official sources, rhetoric and public communication.

The professionals will also present practical technological solutions and tools to limit disinformation in our daily lives, as well as successful projects and developments whose mission is to identify fake news and disinformation campaigns and limit them.

The second (afternoon) part of the seminar will focus on the practical aspects of combating false information and improving media literacy. The audience will discover large-scale initiatives at the national and European level, plus opportunities to get support for civil projects in this area.

Vesislava Antonova, PhD, a media and communication expert and university lecturer, will conduct a brief training session on fact-checking and identifying fake news and an interactive empowering workshop with attendees, which will introduce them to the most important principles of working with news and technological solutions.

The event is free with pre-registration at this link until venue capacity is filled (the link is in Bulgarian).

For additional info and an up-to-date program, visit the event’s Facebook page.



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