Cluj-Napoca Mayor Emil Boc, demonstrating how the machines work , Source: Emil Boc on Facebook

Recycle 15 plastic containers for a free bus ticket in Cluj-Napoca

Recycle 15 plastic containers for a free bus ticket in Cluj-Napoca

Recycle-to-ride scheme lets people save the environment in more than one way

Today, the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, announced a new recycle-to-ride scheme in the city. People will be able to return plastic or glass packaging to a special recycling point and receive a two-way ticket for public transport.

The recycling point will be opened on 1 August and is part of a short, yet proud tradition of local authorities in the Romanian city of stimulating public transport ridership through exciting multi-benefit programmes.

One of their most famous initiatives is a mix between public transport and a healthy lifestyle. Kicking off in 2020, citizens were able to squat 20 times and receive a ticket for public transport. Last year, authorities decided to implement Green Fridays, where passengers could ride for free on public transport every Friday.

With these measures working in tandem, local authorities hope to entice people into leaving their personal vehicles behind. That is, if they make public transport seem like the more appealing and sustainable mobility alternative.

Sustainability is driving public transport in Cluj

In order to benefit from the recycle-to-ride scheme, citizens will have to bring their recyclables washed, without any liquids and with the label intact.  Glass containers cannot be larger than 1.5 litres, while plastics should not exceed 3 litres.

People will then have to insert each item one by one into a container lit in green. The item analysis takes a few seconds, so citizens should not force packaging into the container. After 15 plastic or glass packages have been accepted, a button is pressed and the person receives a voucher.

The voucher itself is worth two trips on public transport, which can be picked up from a public transport ticket sales point or centre in the city. Here are the ticket points redeeming vouchers:

  • Stația Opera, Piața Ștefan cel Mare nr. 16-17;
  • Centru / Mărăști / Bd. 21 Decembrie 1989 nr. 79A;
  • Primăria Mănăștur / Str. Ion Meșter nr. 10;
  • Primăria Zorilor / Str. Pasteur nr. 60;
  • Primăria Grigorescu / Str. Alexandru Vlahuță nr.46-47;
  • CTP Carduri P-ța 1 Mai;
  • CTP Carduri P-ța Gării Sud;
  • Minerva - Str. Primăverii;
  • Bucium - Str. Bucium;
  • Piața Flora – Calea Florești/ vis a vis de Billa;
  • Memorandumului Sud – direcția spre Mărăști;
  • Piața Gării Nord – vis a vis de intrare peron;
  • Piața Mihai Viteazul Est - Str. I.P. Voitești;
  • Crinului – Piața Mărăști direcția spre centru;
  • Arte Plastice – 21 Decembrie 1989;
  • Aurel Vlaicu – Str. Aurel Vlaicu / spre centru;
  • VIVO.



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