Easy to understand instructions can be just a click away in stressful times, Source: Gobierno de Castilla-La Mancha

Refresher videos for healthcare staff only at hand’s reach in Guadalajara

Refresher videos for healthcare staff only at hand’s reach in Guadalajara

These can be easily accessed by scanning a QR code

The Board of the Integrated Area of ​​Guadalajara (medical facility) has launched a training system, based on QR codes, for the management and operation of health technology equipment and also in different nursing techniques and procedures.

This is a training approach that is in sync with the content consumption habits of younger people who increasingly rely on quick, visual and easy consultations through a smartphone screen.

The trick, however, is that these refresher videos will be easily accessible, and the QR codes will be placed where they are most needed. For this, video tutorials are being created so that, in an agile way, health personnel can consult aspects related to the management of the equipment, computer systems or different medical techniques.

Training getting adapted to Gen-Z expectations

QR codes have already started being placed on equipment, such as respirators or ventilators. However, its contents are also oriented towards training on techniques, procedures and processes common in the work of nursing personnel.

For example, the videos made to date illustrate how to handle equipment such as high-flow ventilators, the assembly and calibration of respirators of different models or the use of clinical information systems, as well as specific nursing procedures such as the management of central lines or the use of porth-a-cath.

These codes also give access to information on the management of registration programs, which are proving essential in the process of vaccination against Covid-19 by easing the registration of the vaccination in the patient's medical record and for citing the different doses. In this sense, the teams provided in the Centralized Vaccination Service at the San José Sports Centre in Guadalajara have also been provided with such QR codes.

The municipal website of the Spanish city reported that currently even more training video content is being prepared for the healthcare professionals.

These videos are an excellent complement to the training given to the staff of the Guadalajara Integrated Care Area and are mainly aimed at nurses and assistants who are newly hired or who need to update their knowledge, but they can also benefit internship students and, in general, all workers who may find themselves in a moment of doubt, regardless of their professional category and experience.

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