Castle Rihemberk in Slovenia, Source: Grad Rihemberk. Photo by Dušan Ličen /

Renovation underway in Rihemberk Castle in Branik

Renovation underway in Rihemberk Castle in Branik

Thanks to a co-financed project between the municipality of Nova Gorica and the Slovenian Ministry of Culture

The Castle in Branik known as Rihemberk Castle dates back to the XIII century. It is located close to the town of Nova Gorica, in the South-West of Slovenia. It is one of the most beautiful castles in this part of Europe and is a mix of different architecture styles – mainly Roman and Baroque. Each remodeling or renovation during the centuries added something new to this enchanting building.

The town of Nova Gorica is one of the candidates for European Capital of Culture for 2025 and the preparatory works have already started. As part of the cultural heritage of the area, the Rihemberk Castle must undergo renovation. The project is partially co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.

Scope of the project   

The total value of the project is 326,000 Euro, divided in half between the Municipality of Nova Gorica and the Slovenian  Ministry of Culture. The main renovation works must be completed before the beginning of the summer season, i.e. up to April 2020.

Rihemberk Castle is a big tourist attraction in the area with more than 4,000 visitors during the warm periods of the year with individual walks, organized guides as well as adventurous tours available to tourists.

The works include a renovation of the buildings’ walls and the roofing of three towers – the entrance building’s tower, the north tower and the north-west tower. Most of the buildings also need cleaning, fortification and further rehabilitation. The project should bring more tourists, present the rich cultural heritage of the region and create new attractions within the castle to attract more visitors.

One of the future plans is to open an information center with audio and video presentation of Rihemberk and Natura 2000 sites. It is scheduled to open in 2021.

At the same time, the Municipality of Nova Gorica will continue looking for new financial opportunities to sustain the repair and renovation works in the next few years.



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