Owning a new vehicle has become harder this year, so subscribing to one might be a good alternative

Rent a car in Latvia the way you would rent a flat

Rent a car in Latvia the way you would rent a flat

In response to rising fuel costs, surging car prices and expanding environmental standards, this may provide an answer and convenience to the drivers of tomorrow

AS Renti, a car rental company in Latvia, is offering a pioneering service, namely a vehicle rental subscription that is paid month by month and can be easily opted out of. The service, called Renti plus, was designed with a view to meet the needs of the mobility market in the wakе of rising fuel costs and surging car prices.

Unlike traditional fixed-term leases for a period of one to three years, the minimum term for this service is one month, after which the lessee has the option to withdraw from the leased vehicle at any time without penalty or other long-term obligation. This allows the user to respond to changing economic circumstances and quickly adapt to them without incurring costs.

Lessening the burden of car ownership

All car maintenance and upkeep costs are included in a single and fixed monthly subscription price. What’s more, during the term of the contract, car rental customers can choose a new car every month according to their changing needs.

Could this be an indication of how things will develop in the mobility market of the future?

In 2022, Europeans are increasingly preoccupied with meeting their financial burdens while maintaining the same quality of life they have grown accustomed to in the past decade. Mobility habits are also increasingly influenced by environmental requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The growing environmental requirements for the introduction of zero-emission transport make it difficult for natural and legal persons outside the road transport sector to make long-term commitments to mobility.

The car market in the world and in Latvia is experiencing unprecedented changes. The prices of both new and used cars and their maintenance and upkeep costs are rising rapidly. Due to rising costs and delays in deliveries, the purchase of a new vehicle is becoming increasingly inaccessible and difficult.

Comparing the first quarter of this year with the first three months of 2021, the prices of used cars in Latvia have increased by about 20%. In turn, the delivery of new models of the most popular car brands may be delayed for almost half a year.



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