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Reporting problems to authorities gets smarter in Rijeka thanks to new app

Reporting problems to authorities gets smarter in Rijeka thanks to new app

“Ctiy Eye” or “Gradsko Oko” will make it easier for citizens and officials to stay in touch

Earlier last week, Rijeka’s local government presented its newest smart city app – “Gradsko Oko” or “City Eye” in English. Through the app, citizens will be able to communicate with the city’s authorities and report different problems around the urban area.

The problems covered by the app include a wide range of sadly common occurrences – including graffiti and vandalism, damaged asphalt, traffic signs, devices on children's playgrounds, problems with public lighting, vehicle wrecks in public areas, improperly discarded waste and others.

Going smart in problem solving

The wish of the Rijeka local government is to vastly improve the quality of life in the city by resolving everyday and small problems and by working closely with citizens.

"We are aware of the fact that we will receive a huge number of applications and photos, but I believe that we have managed to put together a system that will be able to respond in a short time what happened to the received applications," said Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel.

The system is an additional tool with which the citizens of Rijeka can, in cooperation with the city’s local government, can contribute to a more efficient solution of various utility failures and irregularities and thus contribute to improving the quality of life in the city.

"Given that we have recently adopted an Action Plan for the Prevention of Vandalism in the City of Rijeka, we invite citizens to report cases of vandalism through this application. We see this as a way to intensify the fight against vandalism, which we are aware is very much present," said Mayor Obersnel.

Using the "City Eye" is simple. After downloading and launching the application (or accessing the website), you can easily register, select the city of Rijeka and report the problem in a few steps - you need to upload a photo of the problem, specify the location / address, enter a description of the problem and submit a report.

The application allows the applicant to have up-to-date information on the processing status of his application, who received it and receives a notification by e-mail or SMS to the registered mobile phone number when the application has been resolved.



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