Riga City Council prioritizes energy efficiency

Riga City Council prioritizes energy efficiency

The Latvian capital will co-finance projects for the renovation and energy efficiency of local buildings

On 29 May 2020, the Riga City Council approved a decision that would allow the local government of the Latvian capital to provide municipal assistance and to co-finance projects that are meant to renovate buildings in the urban area and ensure their energy efficiency.

The interim administration, which has been operating for far longer than anyone had previously anticipated, after the city’s elected local government fell apart just prior to the pandemic, reached the decision amid a growing interest not only in the safety of residents of the city, but also in times when everyone is on the lookout for large infrastructure projects that also lead to a substantial environmental gain.

For the safety of citizens and the environment

Pending approval by the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, the local government of Riga will be able to provide substantial amounts of funding to companies and businesses that are on the lookout for reliable partners in their construction ventures.

The city will be able to cover a maximum of 50% of the costs of each project, amounting to up to 30.000 euros in hazard prevention works and up to 5.000 euros for the development of the project itself. Aid for the development of energy efficiency capabilities will be capped at 50.000 euros, alongside a 1.000 euros cap for the project’s development.

Applications for co-financing will be opened after the relevant Ministry has approved the regulation – which is expected to take place sometime during the autumn of 2020.

By kickstarting this important project, local authorities hope that over time and through gradual development work, a large part of the buildings in Riga will become not only safer for their inhabitants and passers-by, but also healthier for the environment.



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