Riga wants stronger civic involvement from its residents in 2021

Riga wants stronger civic involvement from its residents in 2021

Do not let isolation and restrictions erase the sense of community

As we are nearing the end of a year which will go down in history for its unprecedented restrictions on travel, mobility and social gatherings, ones that are also affecting the traditional celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it is good to keep up the hope that next year the world will turn a new page.

A small reminder of such hope comes from the Municipality of Riga, which informed yesterday, 23 December, of a new call for tenders under the name “Neighborhood Initiatives to Promote Participation and Ownership”, aimed at giving communal organizations an incentive and a reason to stimulate civic involvement among residents.

Projects that keep residents involved in their neighbourhood’s wellbeing

The call was announced by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Latvian capital with the clarification that this was only the first round of the said initiative, meaning that in the long-term there will be more commitment to civic participation on part of the administration.

This first round accepts proposals for projects, which should take place in the period between 1 March and 31 August 2021.

The kind of projects which the Municipality is looking for is of the kind, which promotes neighbourhood movements as a viable form of self-organization that will defend the interests of local communities, find problems and seek solutions through cooperation between these organizations and the municipal services.

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports has also advised candidates to take into consideration the future possibilities of sanitary restrictions next summer when designing their proposals.

The maximum amount for a successful project will be 3500 euros. In addition, there will also be financial support for the organization of neighbourhood residents’ forums – in that case, the grant will be 1500 euros.

Applications must be submitted by 19 January 2021 at 5:00 pm at the Customer Service Centre of the Department, as well as electronically.



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